5 Must-Have Items for Your LED Light Party

2019 Dec 06


Hosting a party? Try something new and make your party memorable … host an LED Light Party!

Listed below are 5 items that we consider MUST HAVE for a one-of-a-kind event.

1) LED Impact Beach Balls

LED impact beach balls are the perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor social event. Available in an assortment of different sizes and colors. Simply blow up the ball and when you hit or bounce them the LED modules are activated. If you are hosting a private event for your company, you can also get your company’s Brand or Logo printed on the ball.

2) LED Light Up Drink Cups

An excellent addition at any party. These unique and colorful LED light-up food-grade drink cups come in multi-color options. Moreover, at the bottom of the cup, there is jelly that actually creates a very unique look and effect once the light is turned on. What’s better than chugging your drink of choice in an LED light-up drink cup. These products can also be imprinted to promote your Brand or Event.

3) Sound Sensor LED Light Up Bottle Stoppers

Add these sound sensor LED light-up bottle stoppers to your party list. These food-grade bottle stoppers will make those boring bottles come to life and illuminate to the beat of the music or sound of the crowd. The top of the bottle stopper can be used for branding or promotional advertising.

4) LED Laser Event Or Entry Band

Our SIGNATURE LED Laser Event Wrist Band is definitely a must have for any social event or party. Illuminate your audience and light up your party. Our LED wristbands also make for a memorable keepsake for your party guests that they can cherish forever. Moreover, this LED laser band also comes with a crowd control lock option.

5) LED Sound Sensor Stirrer Sticks

Our LED Sound Sensor Stirrer Sticks are a fun addition to every party as they illuminate to the beat of the music or the motion of the stirrer stick in your favorite cocktail. Manufactured of food-grade plastic, these stirrer sticks come in a series of different colors so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. The top of the Sensor Stirrer Stick can be used for branding or promotional advertising.