SP-710C Professional Emergency Multi-Function Flashlight

Multi-function Professional Flashlight with Bluetooth Speaker, Plasma Arc Lighter, Power Bank, Seat Belt Cutter, Safety Hammer, 120 dB Siren, Compass

A completed product consists of 3 parts: Head, Body & Tail Module. You can combine the components at will according to your requirement.

Head with hammer and seat belt cutter

Head with flashlight

Body with hand crank dynamo or solar panel option

Body with power bank

Tail Module with plasma arc lighter

Tail Module with compass

Tail Module with 120dB siren alarm

Tail Module with Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, hands-free phone call



Brand Name: Social Pulse

Headlight: White Light 1W, 120LM, Usage Time: 8 Hours; Half Power - 60LM, Usage Time: 16 Hrs

Table Lamp: White light 1W, 120LM, Usage Time: 8 Hours; Half Power - 60LM, Usage Time: 16 Hrs

SOS Safety Lamp: Red light 0.5W, Usage Time: 16 Hours

Product Size: 26.5*Φ4.6cm    

Product Weight: ~495 Grams

Life of Light Source: > 100000 Hrs

Built-in Battery: 3.7V 2000mAh 18650

Charging - 5V Charge: 1200mAh - 2 hours full charge

Charging –Dynamo Crank Charge: 300mAh - 7 hours full charge

Charging – Solar Charge: 50mAh - 40 hours full charge

USB Output: DC 5.0V 2.1A

Charge Input: DC 5.0 V

Speaker Specification: 8 Ω / 2 W

Solar Battery Standard: 108.6 * 24 * 1.8 mm, 5V / 0.25 W

FM Radio Frequency: 88 MHz-108 MHz

Bluetooth Module: Power 1W, Usage time: 8 Hrs

Plasma Arc Lighter Rate: 10W, Ignition 550 times

Applications: Camping, Wildlife Adventure, Field Survival, Home, Hiking, Travel, Office, Vehicle Roadside Emergency Kit, Leisure & Entertainment, BBQ, other outdoor activities